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 ZSD23 - Author

ZSD23 is a writer, editor, esotericist, artist, and independent researcher with interests in Eastern mysticism, post-modern magic, Western esotericism, and folk magic. She is the author of the Sorcerer’s and Magi, a fantasy fiction novel series, which has a literary edge and is available as a Kindle ebook. Although written for adults, it is meant to maintain the thoughtful tone of quality young adult magical fantasy fiction that also appeals to adult readers. It is intelligent and touches on topics related to spiritual philosophy and political metaphor.

She is the editor of the counterculture ezine kult of kaos.

She is a medical editor, writer, and news journalist by profession. 


 About the Sorcerers and Magi Series

The Sorcerers and Magi series offers thought-provoking magic and intrigue for adult fiction readers drawn to magia, mysticism, and spiritual philosophy.


La Maga: A Story about Sorcerers and Magi

The first novel, La Maga: A Story about Sorcerers and Magi begins with the life and times of a lady mage named Sofia La Maga. The setting is the “Inner Plane” and its tempestuous society of sorcerers, magi, and an underclass of lowly folk practitioners. Upon returning to her hometown in her magical world from long years of exile in the Himalayas and thereabouts, La Maga befriends, mentors, and rehabilitates the troubled teenage son of an imposing and elitist dignitary, a sorcerer named Leo de Lux, who is the consul of the Inner Plane’s North Atlantic Sovereignty. Averse, then reluctant, then acquiescing, and ultimately exhilarated, de Lux both falls for La Maga and also embraces a portended predestined role as the leader of a utopian movement called the Lions of Light, which seeks to overturn an oppressive social system that not only gratuitously exploits magical persons of lesser status but also ordinary persons like you and me who inhabit the “Outer Plane.”  The novel mixes pure fantasy about magic and the occult with elements from Eastern mysticism and sociopolitical metaphor.

Available as a Kindle ebook.

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The Sex Lives of Sorcerers

The second novel, The Sex Lives of Sorcerers, is a tangential tale about the discovery of hapless fairy whot incarnates as a woman in the world of “Commons” in the Outer Plane. Sorcerers from the Inner Plane swoop in to vie for her affections in the interests of love and occult power and opportunism. Transferences of inscrutable powers through intimate acts place the fairy and the pair of sorcerers who she ultimately joins with under the scrutiny of both the Lions of Light and its adversaries. But more than this, through the drama, those magical men she encounters undergo profound transformations and come to know who they truly are and want to be. As savior, a redeemer, and a siren, the story’s heroine circumspectly aids the Lions of Light and sets the stage for radical and illuminating transformations of all who come into contact with her. References to alchemy, medieval occultism,  steganography, and sex magic permeate the text. Each of the 22 chapters is named for and thematically reflects a card of the Tarot's Upper Arcana. 

Forthcoming in 1Q 2012 as a Kindle ebook


The Redemptive Principle The Zosimo Story  

The third novel, The Redemptive Principle The Zosimo Story is a veiled take on the Christ-story in which an unassuming but oddly charismatic iconoclast is haplessly rendered into a new messiah for the Lion’s of Light agenda and the “immanentization of the eschaton.” It references the post-modern counterculture currents of Chaos Magic and Discordianism.Click on the player to listen to a 23-second cut up of an excerpt included in volume 3 of the Autonomous Individuals Network 23 seconds ov time project.|Ouroboros.circlesZSD23



Planned for publication as a Kindle ebook 3Q 2012

 Additional novels in the series are planned